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Hi there! Ari here. I'm a professional writer based in the Philippines, with experience in marketing, academia and game/narrative design.Open to freelance work in in narrative design, writing and editing for games, and reviews of games or fiction.


Best Left Buried: In Calamity's wake

An adventure for Best Left Buried, published by SoulMuppet Publishing.

unbreakable revolution

"The Mountain's Shroud", written for the Ironsworn RPG system, appeared in Unbreakable: Revolution by Unbreakable Publishers. rpg works

RPG-related works can be found at
They include:
Corps Γ  Corps: an RPG of Fencers in Training, a GM-optional, stat-raising RPG about student fencers
Mitsa: Roleplaying in the Late 19th Century Philippines, a system-neutral guide for the late 19th-century Philippines




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